Second Hand Hobart Pass Through DishwasherHobart AMXXR1300 pass through dishwasher

Very nice reconditioned Hobart AMXXR1300-30 pass through dishwasher, 3 wash cycles, built in drain pump, break tank and booster pump.

10.3kw/15.6amps 3P+N supply

770W x 840D x 1500H

£1200 + VAT SOLD



Second Hand Meiko Pot/Utensil WasherMeiko FV130.2 pot/untensil washer

Good recondtioned Meiko FV130.2 pot untensil washer, 3 wash cycles 120, 240 and 360secs. Basket size 850W x 700D, entry hieght of 740mm.

3P+N supply

1030W x 900D x 1780H

£3000 + VAT SOLD



Second Hand Dexion Glass Washer

Nice reconditioned Dexion LB035DP 350x350 basket glass washer with rinse and detergent pumps and built in drain pump.

13amp supply.

400W x 500D x 600H

£400 + VAT





Second Hand Hobart Ecomax DishwasherHobart Ecomax CLF36 dishwasher

Reconditioned Hobart Ecomax CLF36 front loading dishwasher or can be used as a glass washer with 2 wash cycles, drain pump, break tank and booster pump. Rinse and detergant pumps. Electro-machincal.

30amp/6.7kw single phase supply.

575W x 625D x 830H

£700 + VAT





Second Hand Meiko Ecomax 530F DishwasherMeiko Ecostar 530F front loading dishwasher

Reconditioned Meiko Ecostar 530F front loading dishwasher with built in drain pump, rinse aid and detergent pump and 2 wash cycles.

4kw supply.

600W x 600D x 810H

£700 + VAT